5A rated 250Vac rated thermal trip circuit breaker with push button manual reset. Panel mountable with black push button and supplied with 1 mounting nut marked "push to reset". Reset time 1 minute. Ignition protected design makes this safe for marine and other environments where fuels are present. Connection is by 6.3mm quick connect terminals. UL, TUV approved and RoHS compliant.


Suitable for use at 250Vac, 125Vac and 32Vdc. Also suitable for use in most applications at 12Vdc and 24Vdc. We recommend testing at these voltages before installation and specification.

  • Interrupt capacity : 1,000 Amp, 125Vac
  • Dielectric strength : 1,500 Vac, 1 minute
  • Resettable overload capacity : 10 times rated current
  • Voltage drop : less than 0.25V
  • Insulation resistance : 500 M. Ohms

5a Push Button Circuit Breaker


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