Electronic Rotating Beacon

Electronic Rotating Beacon


With LEDs of the newest generation we developed a low build Electronic Rotating Beacon with a very bright brilliant red light and rotating characteristic. And this by a low power consumption, too.


Like all our LED lights the ERB-UL is totally water and seawater resistent. Since the electronic parts are completely integrated in the light, no black box or other electronic items are needed.


In addition to our Intelligent Synchronization we integrated a FLARM-Interface in this ACL in order to increase the awareness and therefore the safety in the airspace.


The by the Power-FLARM unit provided signals increase the light pulses of the ERB-UL and therefore rises the attentiveness. Detects the FLARM-device a collision course with another aircraft, the FLARM-interface rises the flashing of the connected ERB-UL from 40 light flashes / minute to 80 flashes. Decreases the distance between the aircraft further the lighting increases to 160 flashes and up to a jitter in the highest FLARM alert level.


The ERB-UL is completely sealed in high grade optic plastic. Since all electronic components are integrated, there is no additional place required.


The extremely bright, red rotating light flash has a beacon angle of 360° and is visible at 30° below and above the horizontal plane.


For easy connection, the light is already provided with a 1,5/0,25 mm² four-wire-cable. It can be installed on the fuselage or vertical stabilizer / rudder by its flange footing and some additional silicone.


The set contains the mounting instuctions and shrinking hose.