LED Landing Light

LED Landing Light


To see and be seen


The landing light ELL60 is the logical evolution of ELL50 with even more power.


Despite its small size (diameter 60 mm) this headlight has an input power of 60 watts, which corresponds to a usual halogen headlight of 180 - 200 watts.


For the first time we have designed a new cooling system for the ELL60. In the new developed central cooling, the cooling air is passed through the landing light directly to the heatsink. With this new system it is possible to implement this high performance on such a small space.


Of course, the ELL60 is through its complete socketing absolutely vibration inured and can be installed anywhere on the aircraft.


The peculiarity of our landing light based on light-emitting diodes is the integrated anti-collision light (ACL). In this technique, the LEDs of the landing light can be controlled as an anti-collision light and is therefore integrated into our system of "intelligent synchronization". Thus, the ELL acts both as a normal landing light as well as anti-collision light in flight direction (ie forward) and increases the visibility of the aircraft in flight significantly.


The ELL is pre-wired for easy connection to a cable with at least 1.5 mm² conductor cross section of 0.5 mm² flexible high. The assembly instructions and the shrink tubing required are attached.


Intelligent Synchronization

The integration of our well proven Intelligent Synchronization allowes a chronological sequence of power consumption for the connected anti collision lights and prevents battery and generator from becoming overloaded.