BMAA Approved.


PS-12 LiFe Po4 battery in a laser cut, lightweight aluminium case! New to the range and an ideal size for Caterham. Powerlite Lithium Ion 12 Ampere Battery with 420 cold cranking amps at just 1.2 kg. These lightweight performance batteries are manufactured using high rate LiFePO4 cells and produce huge cranking amps.


Product Information:


PS-12 High Performance quality Lithium Ion LiFePo4 Battery with laser cut aluminium case.

Suggested uses: Engines up to 1800 cc.  

Unique built in voltage check panel

Voltage 12.8v Capacity 12Ah

Cold Cranking Amps 420

M6 Terminal thread

Size (mm) W x 149 H x 128 D x 85

Weight 1540 g

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