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LED Self Contained Strobe

LED Self Contained Strobe

SKU: MM030

Redesigned to be the brightest standalone ULM strobe on the UK market. Brighter and smaller than a Skyflash – guaranteed.

Standalone self-contained strobe head, has no remote driver box. Can be connected to a standard 12 volt battery or aircraft supply. Ideal for paramotor, microlight and small aircraft. Flashes rate 42 per minute. Visible over 2 miles away. Complies with BMAA requirements.

Universal bracket and bolt fixing kit included.


  • Voltage 9-15 volt d.c. 
  • Current 0.3Amp power consumption 
  • 50 WATT LED
  • Flash rate 42 tripple & single bursts per minute 
  • Weight 270grams
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