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There are changes coming for the support of the existing UK fleet of Eurostar aircraft. From 2023, we will be the only organisation with an Evektor agreement for the supply of approved Evektor Aircraft and spare parts for the UK.  
Please allow us time to obtain stock and set up the systems to manage this support service. 
Please make your order by e-mail, if you require assistance please call Airmasters:  01858 880 008
We have a dedicated email for spare parts enquiries which is We are happy to quote and supply only G Reg aircraft as required. There is a customer detail form below, we require from each owner/operator before we will be able to quote and supply. 
Airmasters UK have CAA approval within its A8-1 authorisation to supply genuine and warranted parts to the UK fleet of EV97 and Eurostar SL and Sportstar.
Here are the various parts list files to view with part numbers etc:
Use the link to identify the part you require, locate the part number and email the part number to us. We will find the equivalent part for EV97 or SL and provide a quote.  If you cannot find the part you are looking for please contact us for assistance.

The EV97 remains obsolete as a new aircraft in either factory built or kit form.

Please contact us to find out more

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