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How can I order spare parts?

As we are the UK Dealer for Flight Design, you are able to order parts directly through us and we even keep some stock onsite.

How long does it take to build a CT airplane?

It can take between 10 to 12 weeks to build one complete aircraft. The current delivery time is between 3 and 5 months from order.

How safe is the CT?

A modern aircraft should have all the safety improvements available for protecting both pilot and passenger. Every CT has proven rigid carbon fiber cockpit forming a safety cell plus four-point harnesses. The standard equipment airframe parachute system is an important addition to the list of safety features on the CT. The system is always available should you need it. In addition, since 2010 seat belts and airbags are available options.

What does CT / CTSW and CTLS stand for?

CT: Composite Technology

CTSW: Composite Technology Short Wing

CTLS: Composite Technology Light Sport

Is the CTLS cockpit better than others?

The ergonomically arranged cockpit simplifies access and reading of the control panel to the pilot. Large gull wing doors open upward, comfortable and adjustable seats, easy storage access and excellent visibility from the extremely wide and spacious cockpit make the CTLS cabin unique. We believe you will find no better combination of these advantages and 1,700 owners have proved us right.

Can the aircraft be used for glider or banner towing?

Since the beginning of the glider towing tests in Europe, the CT Series aircraft have shown surprising aptitude. The climb speed is just right for comfortable climbs with gliders under tow. The CT Series has demonstrated this even on grass with a fixed pitch propeller. 

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