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Landing Light Syrius LL-105

Landing Light Syrius LL-105


Landing is a procedure where there is no place for bad lighting conditions . The better visibility , the more safety ! That’s why we created the best landing lights to ensure much more than enough lighting. The incredible 110W power will provide a comfortable landing even in an unlighted airfield . Syrius can be adjusted to visibility conditions by switching it for Lo Beam or High Beam + Taxi Light . Power reserve, especially in aviation, is essential .The body of the lamp is fully aluminium cnc machining made which make it solid and durable. Because of its huge cooling area Syrius can handle its full power for a long time. It will not decrease even with very long landing , like can happen with other lights available on the market . The electronics of the lamps are designed in the newest technology which provides high efficiency . The landing lights are ready to use with our WIG-WAG/PULSE module . Even with such high power there is any interferences with the radio ! Syrius is the best choice when it comes to power and quality.



Supply Voltage 

10V DC -30V DC


-Hi Beam : 110W , 14000 Lumens

-Lo Beam : 42W, 5500 Lumens

-Taxi Light: 17W, 2300 Lumens

Current consumption

-Taxi Light : 1,2A at 14V / 0,6A at 28V

-Lo Beam: 3A at 14V / 1,4A at 28V

-Hi Beam : 8A at 14V / 3.5 A at 28V

Color Temperature , Leds

5500 K, Cree Leds

Lens Angle 

LL-105: 5 x 6 degree , 1 x 30 degree

Overheat Protection

Temperature Sensor Inside


Shock , Impacts , Water IP67 , Dust , Vibrations

Reverse Polarity Protection


Ambient Temperature

-55 C / +85 C -67F / +185F


Up to 400 m


LL-105: 550 g , 1,21 lb

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