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UL-200 Integral Headset Helmet System

UL-200 Integral Headset Helmet System


SKU: MM001C & MM001C-BL

Maximum performance headset helmet system for open and enclosed cockpit. Highly recommended for the touring pilot.


UL-200 Built in headset
Maximum performance for open and enclosed cockpit. Highly recommended for the touring pilot.

Including ANR (Active noise reduction) and VOX. Built using a high specification low power audio amplifier, using surface mount technology, with an electronic speech processor to remove unwanted noise.
ANR listens to the noise penetrating the ear cup and cancels most of this noise out using phase reversal technology. The result is an extremely quiet ear defender, even under the harshest environment. The ANR technology reduces this noise by 6dB, which is twice as quiet compared to non ANR.

The UL-200 also has VOX. This is a system where the microphone is switched off when you are not speaking. This in turn switches off the speakers in the ear cups to give an exceptionally quiet headset, great for long flights. The VOX threshold is user adjusted by a small control on the helmet

The UL-200 is a first of its kind for microlight aircraft. The result of VOX & ANR gives a very quiet headset.

As per the UL 100 this headset has integral power so can be connected back to back with a similar headset or connect to the radio interface for radio, mobile telephone and music.

Each headset is independently controlled which has volume dial and VOX adjuster on the left earcup

CE marked and EN966 certified. Light weight composite GRP shell with EPS trauma liner. Extra comfort and wind protection is achieved using the rear and side neck padding. Quick release two point chin strap.

Helmet Construction

  • CE marked and EN966 certified
  • Light weight composite
  • EPS trauma liner
  • Neck padding
  • Two point quick release chin strap
  • Supplied with drawstring helmet bag

Visor Construction

  • Anti mist coated visor. 
  • UV protected and impact resistant.
  • Visor lock.
  • Neoprene AirDam chin guard with 4mm nylon backed neoprene

Headset Construction

  • Gel ear seals.
  • Hearing protection, using high specification ear defender
  • Noise canceling waterproof microphone
  • Open cell microphone foam muff
  • Volume dial on rear left of helmet
  • VOX dial on rear right of helmet 
  • Coiled headset cable manufactured from heavy duty, screened with a foil wrap
  • Quick release 7 pin locking female connector 

Supplied with

  • Composite helmet and internal headset
  • BHV - Anti mist ,UV resistant visor
  • Neoprene AirDam wind deflector
  • Fleece neck roll
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